We only source our materials from the UK and Europe, so you can be assured that the quality is of an extremely high standard. Our materials are covered by test certificates or certificates of conformity. We can provide full traceability to meet your requirements.

BS 4T45

A High Tensile Carbon-Manganese cold drawn seamless (CDS) tube with excellent properties for bending and welding. High strength, ductile, and weld-able without pre or post-heat-treatment.


  • Yield strength – min. 620 MPa. (N/mm2)
  • Tensile strength – 700-900 MPa.

  • Elongation – normally around 15%, although this will depend slightly on the final heat treat temperature.
T45 Metric Stock Sizes
T45 Imperial Stock Sizes


A Continental/European spec tube, very similar in terms of properties to T45.


  • Yield strength – min. 600 MPa.
  • Tensile – 800 MPa.

  • Elongation – min. 15%.

25CrMo4 Stock Sizes


Micro-structured alloy steel with very high strength and excellent weld-ability. Due to its refined structure, it is highly expensive to produce but is approximately 40% stronger than most other tubes. Ideal for use in suspension components and wishbones.


  • Yield strength – min. 800 MPa

  • Tensile strength – min. 800 MPa

  • Elongation – min. 12%

15CDV6 Stock Sizes


The term CDS covers all of the tubes we supply because they are all produced via a cold drawing process and are all seamless. However, they are all differentiated by their chemical composition and the heat treatment processes by which they are finished. CDS has multiple variations, both of chemical composition and physical properties. CDS2 / CFS3 / E235 has a tensile strength of approximately 350 MPa. Our CDS is of a much higher specification and normally called E355.


  • Tensile strength – min. 510 MPa

  • Yield strength – min. 370 MPa

  • Elongation – min. 22%

CDS/E355 Stock Sizes

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